Besides following correct procedure by a clinician in root canal treatment he or
she may encounter with many procedural errors and obstacles which may alter
the course of treatment at any stage. One of these procedural errors is the fracture
of instrument inside the root canals. A considerable literature has been reported
on this topic but still retrieval of instrument or bypassing of broken instrument is
practiced by very less number of clinicians, this shows need of more valuable
information on this topic.
Aims and Objective:
Therefore, the main aim of this case series is highlighting the management of
separated endodontic instruments with various clinical techniques.
Case report:
A case series of 5 case report with different clinical conditions shows different
non-surgical methods of retrieval of broken instruments in root canal of different
from above it has been concluded that retrieval of broken instrument from root
canal of different teeth improves the quality of root canal and there are various
methods of retrieval which can easily used by different clinicians.
KEY WORDS: Endodontic Management, Instrument, Case series